Alexander Graubner-Müller

Alexander Graubner-Müller believes in algorithms and statistical data as the blocks for the next Industrial Revolution. Having led the tech-side of Kreditech as CTO for three years, he took over the CEO responsibilities in November 2015. Prior to Kreditech’s founding, Alexander co-founded Gigalocal as CTO. Also, he co-founded and sold the prediction-market engine PredictX. Previously Alexander managed engineering and product development at Rocket Internet in Asia. Prior to that he worked as a financial engineer with the research team at LGT Capital Management where he developed quantitative portfolio allocation strategies. He holds a dual degree in business and econometrics from the University of St. Gallen and the Swiss Institute of Technology.

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Alexander Graubner-Müller




I am

Entrepreneur x
Business Angel
Advisor / consultant


I have (co-) founded the following companies:



I work for … as …:

Kreditech CEO & Founder


My branch ist:

Financial Services / Fintech


Quick and Dirty: my core skills (#Hashtags) are:



I am interested in:

Startup Ideas x
Co-operations x
Giving advice x
Receiving advice
Exchanging knowledge with other members of the startup scene
Events x


My awards and prizes that are relevant to the scene are:

Forbes30under30; Best Financial Inclusion Company 2016


You can find out more about me and my activities here:


I am interested in startups because …

you spend every day designing and developing the world of tomorrow.


I would like the Hamburg startup scene to have / be more …

help us find great talent in engineering, data science and finance.


I would give the following advice to founders …

Focus! It is a curse and blessing at  the same time when you found a startup in the digital era, because  there are so many opportunities and you might want to try them all at once. So the danger is that you start to fritter the business instead of making one thing right. So I can only recommend to everyone,  stay focused on your mission and make that one business idea happen in one market / by one product first until you diversify and expand it.
The most important thing is to just start. You can be really analytical to find the right business model, or listen to your guts and go for the vision you have. You really learn the most when you just start.


I would like to work for these startups, because …

Kreditech Its probably the only fintech company in the world with a true global footprint, a highly challenging mission and awesome people to work with!


I can often be found in the following place:

Office at Rödingsmarkt, Hamburg


My year of birth:

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