Partner für dein Startup: Shhared

Shhared is a new coworking and event space in Hamburg and as a startup with a twist we naturally understand the challenges many different small businesses go through. Our commitment to our growing community and core values attracts an engaged crowd of interesting and diverse men and women. Visit us now for open workspaces, private areas and offices as well as conferencing solutions.

  • Angebote für Startups

    Shhared isn’t only for freelancers and people who work remotely, it’s also a great place for startups and entrepreneurs. As Hamburg’s most authentic international collaborative coworking space, many of our customers and members enjoy the creative atmosphere and opportunities that come with doing things differently. Get in contact about how we can support your Project.

  • Referenzen

  • Events

    Shhared isn’t your typical coworking space, we also have internal and external events on a regular basis. We recently hosted some productivity workshops and now we’re looking forward to the Webmontag evening (30.03.15) and more exciting events this spring and summer. Contact us for more Details.