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Shhared is a new coworking and event space in Hamburg and as a startup with a twist we naturally understand the challenges many different small businesses go through. Our commitment to our growing community and core values attracts an engaged crowd of interesting and diverse men and women. Visit us now for open workspaces, private areas and offices as well as conferencing solutions.

  • Angebote für Startups

    Shhared isn’t only for freelancers and people who work remotely, it’s also a great place for startups and entrepreneurs. As Hamburg’s most authentic international collaborative coworking space, many of our customers and members enjoy the creative atmosphere and opportunities that come with doing things differently. Get in contact about how we can support your Project.

  • Referenzen

  • Events

    Shhared isn’t your typical coworking space, we also have internal and external events on a regular basis. We recently hosted some productivity workshops and now we’re looking forward to the Webmontag evening (30.03.15) and more exciting events this spring and summer. Contact us for more Details.

Fragen an Alex Ahom, Gründer und Besitzer von Shhared

Mit welchen Deiner Stärken kannst Du der Hamburger Gründergemeinschaft helfen?

Shhared’s is a naturally international and diverse place due to the background of the founder. Our resident freelancers and startups feedback this atmosphere is useful when problem solving, networking and scaling into foreign markets. Thinking and being different is our greatest skill and it helps to unlock the most important resource of all – your potential.

Welche Veränderung wünscht Du Dir für die Hamburger Startup-Szene am meisten?

As a community we need to be less conservative and have more collaborations but most of all greater diversity. Internationals, locals of different ethnic backgrounds and women must have more access and visibility to the arena. Only 11% of startups are founded by women – these points must change.

Welche Startup-Ideen sind für Dich von großem Interesse?

Progressive ideas that promote greater social and professional mobility, stronger relationships and successful living is what excites us. This is partly why we are so passionate about coworking.

Welche Events sollten Gründer nicht verpassen?

We encourage founders and entrepreneurs to get out and meet inspired people as much as possible but be selective with events you go to. Time is a very important commodity we seldom have enough of. Webmontag is an event we’re glad we didn’t miss and now we’re looking forward to the Startup Weekend Women in April.

Welches Startup oder welche/r Unternehmer/in beeindruckt dich gerade am meisten?

Let’s not forget Hamburg has a rich history of successful firms like Otto and Beiersdorf. However, More recently Xing and Jimdo are great examples of a few people believing in an idea and taking it big. We can all take inspiration from these local stories and the stories of companies like Soundcloud and Wanderlist from other cities.


„Creativity and flexibility are key to success in our business. With our company Heaven & Weps, we actively looked for an open and international coworking space that provides us with networking opportunities and leaves us room to focus on the tasks at hand. In Shhared we found the perfect match.“

Ferdinand Weps Creative Director Heaven & Weps

„There is something magical going on at Shhared. This coworking space has to offer what others don’t: the unique opportunity of being part of the community from the first minute and help actively to shape it, develop it and make it grow. If you come over you’ll probably get to know Alex, the founder, who is always available for a chat and open to any suggestion. However, for me the cherry on the cake is the international touch that Shhared has brought to Hamburg. We needed a platform that also stands for the international crowd!“

Sabela García Cuesta Visibility Manager at Appmotion & Writer Blogger

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