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Basic package for start-ups of up to 10 employees
€300.00 (plus VAT) – unlimited job offers for 3 months with social media promotion (4 jobs posted shared on facebook and all the jobs are list in our newsletter)

Featured package for start-ups of up to 10 employees
€498.00 (plus VAT) – unlimited job offers for 3 months with social media promotion, PLUS a portrait of your start-up

For start-ups and companies of more than 10 employees

Price on request, please contact us for more information

Hamburg is a very dynamic city with a thriving and prosperous economy. There are many jobs in Hamburg, whether you speak German or not. You can find many positions to be filled on this job page. Startups in Hamburg post here many job offers in various areas. You will find jobs in IT, jobs in marketing, jobs in sales or jobs in human resources, among many other areas.

Why choose to work in Hamburg? The Hamburg startup scene is very dynamic and has shown a constant growth over the last few years. Many startups founded in Hamburg have grown a name known outside of Germany, such as Jimdo, Goodgames Studio, Innogames or XING. This international growth has lead to a need for jobs that are best filled in by internationals. There are many jobs in Hamburg for native speakers of English, French, Italian, Spanish or Russian – however, even if your native language is less in demand, it can still be an asset!

Startup jobs are known for being ambivalent. You are usually not hired for one specific task but for a combination of academic and soft skills you bring with you.  A startup job might not be paid very well, but you can see it as an opportunity to learn a great deal from your pairs and your employers. You can also focus on an industry you are particularly interested in. Hamburg has jobs in the media industry, jobs in the ecommerce industry, jobs in the gaming industry, jobs in the food industry, or jobs in the fintech industry.

To apply for a job in Germany, you normally need a large amount of organization and many documents. A typical job application includes your resume or CV along with a cover letter but not only. German companies expect a copy of reference letters you received from your past employers, copies of your diplomas and certificates and contact details of the companies you worked with for cross referencing. If it’s a startup job, chances are you may not have to provide all of the items mentioned above. Startups in Hamburg are more flexible and agile in their recruiting ways; a CV may suffice.

If you are looking for an internship in a startup or a student job in a startup, Hamburg is the place go! Startups are very often keen on hiring interns and students to strengthen their workforce. Qualified labor for a lower compensation is crucial in the early days of a startup. Don’t think of it as an unfair deal though! As a student, working in a startup gives you more flexibility in your working hours, allowing you to attend university while earning an income. You can even work from home (home office) in some startups. For an internship or a traineeship, a startup in Hamburg has a lot to offer. You can benefit from an experience in a German startup in an international city, grow a network on the startup scene and learn in many domains such as marketing, sales, IT or management.

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