Startups@Reeperbahn 2014 Pitch

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© Nina Zimmermann

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Let’s rock Startups@Reeperbahn!

It will be hot in September in Hamburg, as international startups stir up the Reeperbahn Festival, bringing a huge amount of SXSW flair to our otherwise commercially-oriented Hanseatic city! It’s all happening at our second Startups@Reeperbahn event, which is taking place as part of the Reeperbahn Festival: startups from all over Europe will have the opportunity to pitch to investors, media representatives and other startup stakeholders in a dimly-lit, neighbourhood atmosphere. Then things get intimate – the investors will be able to arrange to meet with founders for a business tête-à-tête in one of our love-mobiles which will be parked in front of the event venue. There’ll then be a joint celebration in good neighbourhood style.

Startups@Reeperbahn 2013 – a resounding success: last year, national startups were given an extraordinary pitch opportunity for the first time: a Hamburg stage on which to stoke their entrepreneurial flames: five selected startups presented to a full house in Planet Pauli. Investors and startups were then invited to a real „hourly-rate hotel“, the perfect place to do business „with passion“. The response was tremendous and demanded MORE.

What will round two involve? On 18.9.2014, we’re inviting our five finalist startups believed to be ready to take the stage by our Board of Trustees to join the Club Hamburg at the Startups@Reeperbahn pitch event, followed by a large networking event. As there’ll be international visitors and startups, the pitch will of course be in English. The „en-suite rooms“ will become our „start-up love-mobiles“. What’s so exciting is that we’ll also use the love-mobiles at our blind-date mentoring days. Find further details here.. Our panel of experts will choose the winning startup, which will receive the SPIEGEL ONLINE PRIZE – a media budget of EUR 100,000. We present an extensive supporting programme for startups and investors, with first-class talks and captivating panels. It will certainly be exciting! Therefore an Reeperbahn Festival Conference Ticket is needed.

Music meets startups


What do music, startups and the Hamburg neighbourhood have in common? It’s simple: musicians and startups share the same spirit: it’s about having the right team, believing in a common vision, working hard to achieve success and ultimately appealing to the masses. The Hamburg neighbourhood is creative, limitless and authentic and therefore provides the best possible stage. A unique combination for an extremely personal and unusual way of bringing startups and investors together.

The Reeperbahn Festival is Germany’s largest club festival and one of the three most important meeting places for the music and digital industries in Europe. From 17-20 September, over 600 wide-ranging events will take place in more than 70 venues on and around Hamburg’s Reeperbahn. Hamburg Startups is the leading platform for all those interested in startups in the Hanseatic city, and is committed to the effective networking and representation of the startup scene. As well as various types of events, the organisers are also planning a platform which will clearly represent all startups. The two players jointly launched Startups@Reeperbahn in 2013 and are implementing this special format.

  • The Pitch

    AppCamps, Triprebel, ChannelPilot, PharmAssistant and Rebell pitch for highly intimate rendez-vous with potential investors in our „startup love-mobiles“ and for the SPIEGEL ONLINE Media Prize, a media budget worth EUR 100,000

  • Blind Dates

    Blind-date with a mentor wished? Apply here.

  • Timing

    The pitch is on 18 September, 06:00 – 09:00 pm | The Aftershow Party ist on 18 September, 09:00 pm – 00.00 am |  The Reeperbahn Festival Conference is from 17 – 20 September

  • Your hosts

    Startups@Reeperbahn is a joint project between Hamburg Startups and the Reeperbahn Festival

  • A huge thank-you

    …to our excellent partners, without whom this event would not be possible

I. want. to take part! How do I apply?

If you have a functioning product/service/offering and relevant experience of users and customers, then please send a brief application to: So that our Board of Trustees are better able to assess you, we need the following information from you:

  1. What’s the product (images, links etc.)?
  2. Who’s in the team?
  3. What’s the market and competition like?
  4. What are your sales/marketing plans?
  5. What have you achieved so far?
  6. What does your financial plan look like (including investment amounts and projected result in Year 3)?
  • How?

    Please submit your application as a pitch deck with a maximum of 12 charts – please stick to the specified length, or you’ll have points deducted!

  • By when?

    We’ll accept your application until midnight on 15 August 2014

  • Questions?

    We’ll contact you for more details, if required. Otherwise, send us an e-mail to, or Tweet or ask us a question on Facebook

The Board of Trustees

A fine selection of experts from the Hamburg startup scene has qualified all entrants to the startup competition, and nominated five finalists for the pitch on 18.09.2014.

<a href="">Sanja Stankovic</a>

Sanja Stankovic

Initiator Startups@Reeperbahn, Co-Founder Hamburg Startups & Digital Media Women
<a href="">Sina Gritzuhn</a>

Sina Gritzuhn

Co-Founder and Managing Director Hamburg Startups, Editor
<a href="">Tim Jaudszims</a>

Tim Jaudszims

Entrepreneur, Business Angel, Co-Founder Hamburg Startups, Director Startup Dock TU Harburg
<a href="">Detlef Schwarte</a>

Detlef Schwarte

Co-Founder Reeperbahn Festival, Managing Director Inferno GmbH
<a href="">Dirk Freise</a>

Dirk Freise

Managing Director Shortcut Ventures
<a href="">Thomas Promny</a>

Thomas Promny

Entrepreneur, Investor
<a href="">Kixka Nebraska</a>

Kixka Nebraska

Profile-Agent and Co-Founder Digital Media Women
<a href="">Philipp Westermeyer</a>

Philipp Westermeyer

Founder Metrigo and Online Marketing Rockstars
<a href="">Angelika Eckert</a>

Angelika Eckert

Editor Page
<a href="">Michael Backes</a>

Michael Backes

Managing Director, Liquid Labs GmbH
<a href="">Christian Stöcker</a>

Christian Stöcker

Head of SPIEGEL ONLINES web, tech and media desk "Netzwelt" (Foto: Jeannette Lersch)
<a href="">Christian Fiedler</a>

Christian Fiedler

Managing Director neolox
<a href="">Jeremy Tai Abbett</a>

Jeremy Tai Abbett

Creative Evangelist, Google
<a href="">Dr. Esther Conrad</a>

Dr. Esther Conrad

Director Media & IT Hamburg Business Development Corporation
<a href="">Katharina Wolff</a>

Katharina Wolff

Entrepreneur, Managing Director Premium Consultants
<a href="">Jens Unrau</a>

Jens Unrau

Area Manager - Department Media State Chancellery Hamburg
<a href="">Dr. Heiko Milde</a>

Dr. Heiko Milde

Managing Director IFB Innovationsstarter GmbH
<a href="">Dr. Alexander Graf zu Eulenburg</a>

Dr. Alexander Graf zu Eulenburg

Partner Hanse Ventures
<a href="">Jan Brorhilker</a>

Jan Brorhilker

Manager Financial Accounting & Advisory Services, EY (Ernst & Young)
<a href="">Curt Simon Harlinghausen</a>

Curt Simon Harlinghausen

CTO Akom360 GmbH / Head of the Startup-Initiative of the Federal Association of Digital Economy (BVDW)
<a href="">Sandra Fisher</a>

Sandra Fisher

Global Alliance Director iVentureCapital
<a href="">Sebastian Tempel</a>

Sebastian Tempel

Managing Director TUHH Startup Dock
<a href="">Lars Brücher</a>

Lars Brücher

Managing Director & Founder betahaus Hamburg
<a href="">Stefanie Huppmann</a>

Stefanie Huppmann

Head of the Startup department in the Haspa SME division
<a href="">Ole Reißmann</a>

Ole Reißmann

<a href="">Jan Honsel</a>

Jan Honsel

Media Punk Consulting / Investor
<a href="">Jenny Kornmacher</a>

Jenny Kornmacher

Communication manager & coordinator for the MUSIC WORKS accelerator
<a href="">Harald Neidhardt</a>

Harald Neidhardt

Founder & Curator, MLOVE

The judging panel

The five carefully selected finalists must present to potential investors and a panel of experts, who will select the winner of Startups@Reeperbahn 2014 and send them home with a SPIEGEL ONLINE media budget of EUR 100,000.

<a href="">Katharina Borchert</a>

Katharina Borchert

<a href="">Claire England</a>

Claire England

Startup Advocate, Managing Director Tech Ranch Austin
<a href="">Jan Menko Grummer</a>

Jan Menko Grummer

Partner Head of Assurance Nort-East Germany, EY
<a href="">Lars Hinrichs</a>

Lars Hinrichs

CEO Cinco Capital GmbH, Founder HackFwd & XING
<a href="">Heiko Hubertz</a>

Heiko Hubertz

Founder Bigpoint
<a href="">Jörg Land</a>

Jörg Land

Founder Tinnitracks & CEO Sonormed GmbH
<a href="">Thomas Preuß</a>

Thomas Preuß

Founder & Managing Partner of Bauer Venture Partners
<a href="">Frank Thelen</a>

Frank Thelen

CEO, e42
<a href="">Jens Tönnesmann</a>

Jens Tönnesmann

Editor „Gründerraum“ WirtschaftsWoche

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